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What are White Fillings and How do They Help Improve Your Smile?

white fillingsDecayed or damaged teeth can be repaired with tooth fillings made from different materials such as gold, silver amalgam, porcelain, glass ionomer or composite resin. Tooth fillings help restore cavity damage, repair cracks and teeth fractures to re-establish the full functionality of the tooth.

If you’ve visited your dentist recently and have been prescribed white fillings for your cavities or other dental problems, this guide will help you be an informed patient.

What are White Fillings?

White fillings are composed of tooth-coloured composite resins which are made from a blend of small glass particles and plastic. Besides treating cavities, they’re also used to bring cosmetic improvements to your smile by changing the shape and colour of a damaged tooth.

The Procedure

It’s a simple procedure that usually takes a single day or appointment to complete. First off, your dentist matches the colour of the composite resin with the shade of your damaged tooth. After the preparation is over, the dentist removes the decay and fills in the composite resin in layers and uses a special curing light to harden each of the layers. Next, he/she shapes the white filling to fit the tooth following with a polishing of the filling to make it smooth and stain-resistant.

Advantages of White Fillings over Other Fillings

As white fillings are composed of a blend of plastic and glass, they’re poor thermal conductors. This leaves little chance or risk of experiencing thermal sensitivity of the treated tooth. When the treated tooth is exposed to cold or hot beverages and foods, you won’t have any sensitivity issues. Thermal sensitivity is a common problem faced by patients treated with amalgam fillings which are composed of metals.

White fillings can be completely set during the placement procedure. You can walk away from the dentist’s chair with a completely usable tooth and filling ready for chewing food. This is not the case with other fillings, especially amalgam fillings which require several hours to harden and be ready for use.

Repairing white fillings is also easier than the other types of dental fillings. White fillings can be spot repaired instead of replacing the entire filling, unlike other fillings. The newly added white filling can form a bond with the existing filling and the tooth.

White fillings are also aesthetically more appealing as they can be matched to the colour of your teeth. The new white filling won’t get noticed easily when you smile, unlike other fillings which can’t be matched to your tooth colour.

Another major advantage of white fillings over other fillings is that they require minimal invasive dental treatment. The preparation is simpler and doesn’t involve complex structuring which is common with gold and amalgam fillings. To make the tooth restoration successful, amalgam fillings have to be extended beyond the cavity area. White fillings, on the other hand, don’t need to be extended and can be fitted exactly into the cavity.

Last but not the least, white fillings bond with the tooth and strengthens it whereas other fillings just fill in the cavity.

How to Keep Your White Fillings Healthy?

Maintaining basic oral hygiene is all you need to keep your white fillings looking their best. Consume less sugary foods, sodas and visit your dentist for regular checkups.

To know more about white fillings, visit your nearest dental office or talk to your dentist before going through the procedure.  If you’re looking for specialized dental care for tooth fillings in Brampton, call Dentistry on Dusk at 905-453-7777 for an appointment.