Top Choice Award Winners of 2018 and 2019 Nominated for the Third Time

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Dentistry on Dusk celebrates back-to-back wins at the Top Choice Awards and has been nominated once more for 2020. We would like to take this moment to thank our patients for their unwavering support which has led us to winning the title of ‘Top Dental Clinic in Brampton’ for 2018 and 2019. We need your support again, as winning this award for two consecutive years is a huge endorsement for any business within North America and Europe. Voting open from November 01 to December 20, 2019.

How Top Choice Awards Helps You Nominate Your Favourite Local Businesses

The Top Choice Awards were created by an international marketing research company that conducts a public survey every year. In this way it collects reviews opinions from thousands of customers to provide accurate insight into the social market and an analysis of customer satisfaction. As a consumer, this gives you the power to support your favourites as well as share feedback anonymously. Not only does this empower the consumer but it can prove beneficial to the various participating businesses as well. This award gives you chance to thank your favourite local business.

The best part about this award is its sincerity, since it is not funded by any businesses or professionals listed in the survey. Results are entirely based on customer opinions.

A Mark of Pride

Wherever you go, there is healthy competition. The Top Choice Awards encourage this healthy competition among businesses to promote better services and reward industry leaders.

Upon winning, the Top Choice Award LogoTM is made available to businesses that have participated in the promotion system. This is entirely optional, and winners who did not take part are still listed in the online directory of the Top Choice Awards. As the award winners change yearly, the logo licensing is also done annually.

The Process

From nomination to announcement of the winners, the entire process follows four steps.

1. Nominate

Nominations are accepted throughout the year by satisfied customers of local companies. This is a way for you to thank these businesses for their quality services and products.

2. Qualify

A company only qualifies for the nomination process once it receives 25 nominations. Their history of customer satisfaction and brand reputation also needs to be in good standing. In certain cases, a business review specialist may be required to confirm the eligibility of a business. You can guess the pride we feel not only to have won this award two years in a row but to receive a third nomination.

3. Vote

As mentioned, voting commences November 1 and ends December 20. Each nominee in the survey is provided with a voting link to share with their customers. This is where you play an important role. And we have been lucky enough to get your support so far.

4. Results

Votes are calculated after the survey ends. Winners will then have the option to promote their status further in a number of ways. Once the results are disclosed, each nominee will be able to access the survey results.

Throughout the years, it has been our motto to serve you with “trust, care, and competence.” When it comes to providing a full range of dental services – from orthodontics and soft tissue management to cosmetic surgery and teeth whitening – we strive to give our best every time. The smiles of our satisfied customers are the greatest awards we could ever get.

Vote for us and help us win the third time back to back!

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