Top Choice Awards Nomination: 4 Years in a Row

Dentistry on Dusk is proud to announce that we’ve been nominated as the ‘Best Dental Clinic in Brampton’ for the fourth time, after winning three consecutive years (2018 – 2020). Winning this award is one of the biggest endorsements a business can receive because it nominates the businesses based on what real people have to say. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support in helping us win this prestigious title.


What’s the Objective of This Award Program?

Created by an international marketing research company, the Top Choice Awards conduct an annual survey by collecting and reviewing the opinions of thousands of customers. The results are then used by different companies to improve their business and customer satisfaction. As a consumer, this gives you the power to support your favourite local businesses, as well as share feedback anonymously. The directory of Top Choice Award winners is used daily in over 30 cities across North America and Europe. The best thing about this award is its transparency since it’s not funded by any businesses or professionals taking part in the survey. Results are totally based on customer votes and opinions. The key objective of this award program is to encourage healthy competition among businesses in order to promote better services and acknowledge industry leaders.

Upon winning, the Top Choice Award Logo is made available to businesses that have participated in the promotion system. This is entirely optional, and winners who did not take part are still listed in the online Top Choice Award directory. As the award winners change yearly, the logo licensing is also done annually.

Benefits of Qualifying as a Top Choice Nominee

  • Online Promotion

Nominees get free online endorsement by being listed on during the voting process, which is promoted vigorously on Google and social media platforms.

  • Customer Engagement

Businesses can share their nominee status with previous and existing clients who can support them through their vote. This is a great way to boost customer engagement and generate sales.

  • Recognition as an Industry Leader

Nominees can display an official nominee badge on their website and in their online voting campaign. Any website visitor will know that they are a recognized name in their respective industry.

  • Social Promotion

Businesses can reach a huge audience on social media through likes, comments and shares of their own posts. As more and more people circulate these posts, they get free promotion.

  • Survey Results

As an official nominee, companies receive survey results, including vote count and voter comments. This gives them insight into their clients’ needs and expectations, so they can pivot their business strategies accordingly and improve consumer satisfaction.

Voting is now closed and the winners of the 2021 Top Choice Awards Survey will be announced in early January. The wait begins. Join the Top Choice Awards Facebook Group to stay updated on the results.

This entry was posted in Dentistry on Dusk on December 24, 2020.

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