7 Exciting Cosmetic Trends to Look Out For in 2020

Our smiles convey happiness, friendliness and warmth. They also attract others and are integral parts of our personality that make people feel comfortable around us.

Sadly, we’re not all born with perfect smiles. That’s where cosmetic dentistry can help.

Thanks to new innovations, fixing a smile isn’t difficult. In the past, you may have had to wait days before noticing results, but now outcomes are almost immediate. Some of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments include teeth whitening, veneers, bonding and white dental filling.

Let’s look at the latest trends in the field.


Top 2020 Trends in Cosmetic Dentistry

Our appearance plays a significant role in how we feel about ourselves. If your smile is making you self-conscious and lacking in confidence, you may need to try cosmetic dentistry.

Below, we examine some of the biggest cosmetic dentistry trends of 2020.

  1. 3D Dentistry

Perhaps the most exciting trend in cosmetic dentistry today involves using a 3D printer to reduce consumer costs and help your dentist work more efficiently.

Dentists can now produce physical models, clear aligners and surgical guides for dental implants by using cone-beam computed tomography machines to create a three-dimensional view of your entire mouth. Determining the right placement for dental implants, measuring the jawline and preparing a patient for reconstructive surgery becomes easy. Apprehensive about getting a new crown or bridge due to its cost? This technology brings good news.

  1. Smile Makeover

This is a combination of cosmetic dentistry procedures like dental bonding, veneers, dental implants and teeth whitening.

As the name suggests, it’s primarily done to revamp your smile by bridging the gap between teeth, removing discolouration from teeth or by adding a missing tooth.

Among these treatments, teeth whitening is trending in 2020, with more patients than ever seeking natural-looking teeth. The problem with super-white teeth is that they sometimes look heavily treated and fake. Patients nowadays prefer to whiten their teeth just enough so that they appear healthy but natural.

The availability of over-the-counter teeth whitening products and growing awareness about oral hygiene has also made a difference. Discoloured teeth have always been a stigma in society, pushing people to seek help from such products. However, professional treatments remain the most trusted option for most people to improve their teeth colour.

  1. Dental Implants for Younger People

Missing teeth can cause your face to “collapse,” making you look older. Dental implants help you avoid this situation. Though it is more popular in seniors, young people are seeking dental implants instead of bridges, because of the natural appearance of implants.

After a social diagnosis, the patient is recommended missing tooth replacement with an implant (single tooth, partial or full teeth replacement).

  1. Scaling and Polishing

It’s normal for food and bacteria to accumulate in your teeth when you eat and drink. Problems arise when you don’t clean your teeth daily, leading to stubborn and harmful plaque. To remove it, you may need to undergo scaling.

When you regularly remove the deposits from your teeth, you’ll also find relief from gingivitis and other severe gum infections, not to mention bad breath. Visiting your dentist for regular scaling and polishing will keep your teeth and gums healthier for longer.

  1. Clear aligners

The latest trend in the dental market is being welcomed by brace wearers.

This new technique is an effective alternative to wearing uncomfortable wire-and-band braces. Clear aligners are made with durable transparent plastic and are more comfortable. Many people hate how metal braces make them look, leading to a lack of confidence in their personal and social lives. Clear aligners are barely visible, so the wearer can smile more confidently.

  1. Gum contouring


Also known as gum reshaping, gum contouring is a useful procedure for those with an uneven gum line or those whose gums rest too high or low on their teeth.

By reshaping your gums, the shape and size of your teeth can be made to look ideal. Specifically, people with larger than average front teeth prefer this treatment. Gum contouring is a highly personal decision, so it’s best to schedule an appointment with a cosmetic dentist to determine whether you truly need it.

In this somewhat painful procedure, scalpels and lasers are both used to cut the gum, then reshape and graft it to give the ideal shape. (You are medicated to numb the pain.) Post-procedure, you have to be careful of the food you eat until you’re completely healed.

  1. Dental bonding

Dental bonding is quick, easy and effective in elevating your smile and overall appearance. Many patients have gaps, cracks and chips in their teeth which can make their smile not as attractive as they wish it to be. These are filled with a resin-like material with dental bonding.

This procedure is only possible if your dental problems are moderate. In more severe cases, porcelain veneers are the best solution.

These cosmetic dentistry treatments are your best solutions to elevating the overall appearance of your smile and face. You can ask for them at any dental clinic that offers cosmetic dentistry. With a brighter and healthier smile, you’ll feel more confident with every step you take.

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