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    Best Kids Dentist in Brampton

    Expert Dental Services for Your Child is Available Here

    Dentistry on Dusk is a family dentistry offering comprehensive dental treatments. We understand that oral problems can be painful and may lead to other health issues, especially for kids. Dr. Chohan and his expert team take extra care to treat your children because we believe in making the journey less painful and less scary for them. Children also face a lot of oral health problems as they grow such as tooth decay, bad breath and cavities if not taken care of at an early age. Hence, we highly recommend you consider all these problems if you’re a parent and start educating your child accordingly.

    So, come and meet a trusted kids’ dentist in Brampton!

    Our pediatric dentistry is a one-stop solution for your children. Your child is in safe hands with us as we provide a friendly environment and make their treatments fun.

    Apart from offering dental treatments to kids, we also offer:

    All these services are available at affordable rates and are conducted with the guidance of the best doctors in town. Give us a call at (905) 453-7777 to book an appointment and also enjoy free initial consultation.

    How We Put Your Child at Ease

    We treat every child with the care and attention they deserve. The steps that we follow to treat your child are as follows:

    • We provide a tour and educate them about our modern facility
    • We make them understand the importance of regular dental visits
    • We ease them and divert their mind with fun-filled activities and develop a friendly relationship to gain their trust
    • We start with all the examination once your child is comfortable with us
    • Our staff shows them their favourite cartoons/TV shows or allows them to play on their iPads
    • We create a homely atmosphere with all the necessary means for them and treat one tooth at a time

    If your child is in need of treatment, don’t delay it further and approach us right away and we will treat them.

    Visit our dental clinic in Brampton or call us at (905) 453-7777 to book an appointment today.

    Some Common Dental Problems Among Children

    Before you visit us, you should be aware of the dental problems many children face.

    • Cavities and tooth decay is caused by bacteria and plaque acids that damage the tooth enamel
    • Gum diseases also known as gingivitis is inflammation of gum tissue that leads to tooth loss and bone damage
    • Thumb sucking is a problem if it persists after the development of permanent teeth
    • Bad breath is a common problem among children if they don’t brush their mouth properly after every meal. This can lead to other oral issues which may be bad for their overall health
    • Tooth grinding can damage primary or permanent teeth causing pain

    If you notice any of these problems, get in touch with us as we are the premier children’s dentistry in Brampton.

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