Dental Clinic Brampton

DENTISTRY ON DUSK (Chinguacousy Rd. / Dusk Dr.)
55 Dusk Drive, Unit #2
Brampton ON
L6Y 5Z6

Phone: 905-453-7777

Clinic Hours:
Monday-Friday: 9:30 AM – 6:30 PM
Saturday: 8:30 AM–2:30 PM
Sunday: Closed

    Dentistry Services in Brampton

    We at Dentistry on Dusk offer complete care and treatment for your teeth. Our comprehensive dental services are aimed at helping your improve your appearance and functionality through various procedures. Our procedures involve latest state of the art techniques to alleviate various dental conditions.

    We encourage preventive dental care for people of all ages through regular checkups and appropriate care because avoiding infections can go a long way in maintaining healthy teeth for life. This also helps in early detection of problems that can be treated in primary stages making it less troublesome for you.

    Why Choose Our Dental Care Services?

    We provide high-quality and affordable dental care in our conveniently located Brampton clinic. We are proud to offer a patient-centric and responsive approach to dentistry. Our caring and compassionate team will help you in every way possible to ensure you have a comfortable and stress-free experience.

    We provide a wide range of dental services including:

    • Complete oral monitoring and preventive treatment
    • General and cosmetic dentistry
    • Pediatric dentistry
    • Teeth whitening
    • Crowns and bridges
    • Bonding and white fillings
    • Orthodontic treatment
    • Dental implants
    • Root canal treatment
    • Tooth extraction
    • Dentures

    When you book an appointment with us, rest assured that you’ve made the right decision and will achieve your oral health goals. Whether it’s your first visit or a follow-up, we will strive to keep you at ease and informed while suggesting the best possible treatment plan.

    We aim to improve your oral health through advanced dentistry and detailed research alongside a compassionate and positive approach. We work closely with you to plan a treatment that meets your needs and budget. It is our dedication, attention to detail, rich experience and affordable pricing that has made us one of the most trusted destinations for dentistry services in Brampton.

    Our Emergency Dentistry Services

    Apart from comprehensive general and cosmetic dentistry, we also offer restorative treatments with our emergency dentistry services. If you have a dental emergency, like a toothache or prolonged bleeding, our professionals can help. Our team of experienced dentists in Brampton specializes in same-day care for minor and major dental conditions like a knocked-out, chipped or broken tooth, and oral trauma. If over-the-counter medications don’t work, visit us immediately as acting quickly can reduce your pain as well as restore the tooth (or teeth) in question.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Our Dental Care Services

    Get the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about your dental health and our dental services.

    1) How long will my first appointment last?

    The length of your appointment will vary depending on your overall oral health, the condition of your teeth and the type of treatment you require.

    2) How can I prevent cavities?

    Cavities occur when bacteria form in your mouth and plaque sticks to your teeth, thus producing an acid that eats away your tooth enamel. To prevent cavities you should practice good oral hygiene. Here are a few tips for cavity prevention.

    • Brush twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste.
    • Floss once a day.
    • Rinse your mouth with water after every meal.
    • Avoid frequent snacking and sugary beverages.
    • Visit your dentist regularly.

    3) What is a root canal?

    Root canal treatment is used to repair and save a tooth that is badly decayed or infected. This therapy helps prevent the re-infection of the tooth. During the treatment, the infected or inflamed pulp is removed and the inside of the tooth carefully cleaned and disinfected. It is then filled with a rubber-like substance called gutta-percha and sealed. This substance acts as a permanent bandage to prevent bacteria or fluid from entering the tooth through the roots.

    4) What do I need to bring to my first appointment?

    Bring the following items:

    • Identification, such as your driver’s license
    • Your dental insurance card (if applicable)
    • Records of your dental history (or email ahead of time)
    • Prescriptions for previous medications (if any)

    At Dentistry on Dusk, we strive to provide all-inclusive dental care to give you a beautiful and healthy smile. Click here to schedule an appointment.