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(Chinguacousy Rd. / Dusk Dr.)
55 Dusk Drive (Unit #2)
Brampton, Ontario, L6Y 5Z6

Phone: 905-453-7777

    All-Round Dental Office in Brampton

    Get Exceptional Dental Treatments at Competitive Rates!

    Dentistry on Dusk is among the top dental clinics in Brampton as we offer a broad range of dental solutions ranging from emergency treatments to cosmetic. We understand how important it is for people to have healthy teeth and try to provide the best treatment for complete solutions to this aim.

    The expert dentists working with us provide family dentistry services, keeping track of the dental history for the entire family. Our dental office in Brampton is equipped with the latest technologies to provide you with painless and quick results for any teeth-related treatment you need.

    Services Provided at Our Dental Office

    We have the infrastructure and skilled staff necessary to provide every type of dental service. The following are the services that you can expect at our dental office.

    We have ultramodern equipment and are up to date with the latest technology and procedures. Our dental clinic in Brampton is open from Monday to Saturday during regular working hours. We provide all services on appointment and advise our patients to book appointments at the earliest. We consider the gravity of emergency situations and provide the appointment accordingly.

    You can reach out to us at (905) 453-7777 and book an appointment today for any kind of service you need.

    Visit our Clinic in Brampton

    DENTISTRY ON DUSK (Chinguacousy Rd. / Dusk Dr.)
    55 Dusk Drive (Unit #2)
    Brampton, Ontario, L6Y 5Z6
    Phone: 905-453-7777

    Clinic Hours:Monday-Friday: 9:30 – 7PM
    Saturday: 8:30–2:30PM
    Sunday: Closed

    Symptoms You Should Not Ignore

    Our teeth and gums give us warning signals when a visit to the dentist is necessary. While it is recommended that you go for teeth checkups periodically and at least thrice a year, many people tend to ignore the necessity unless there is an emergency. Visit the dentist immediately when you experience:

    • Sudden stabbing pain in your teeth
    • Frequent trouble with bad breath despite brushing and flossing regularly
    • A recent accident that loosened a tooth
    • Bleeding from your gums while brushing your teeth
    • See cavities but don’t yet feel the pain
    • Sensitivity when you eat something cold or sour
    • Dentures and dental caps falling out

    All these symptoms indicate bad teeth health and it is important to seek preventive care and solutions to cope up with such situations. In Brampton, dental care is available through various clinics, but Dentistry on Dusk is among the best. Headed by principal dentist, Dr. Gurpreet Singh Chohan, we have proficient dentists, dental assistants and hygienists who can help you deal with any sort of dental ailments under one roof.

    Book an appointment with our doctors through our website or phone number and you can easily visit us at our dental office in Brampton. Ensure you have at least a couple of hours on hand as the time span for checkups can vary anytime between 30 minutes to two hours.

    Visit Our Dental ClinicDENTISTRY ON DUSK
    (Chinguacousy Rd./Dusk Dr.)
    55 Dusk Drive (Unit #2)
    Brampton, Ontario, L6Y 5Z6