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Category Archives: Dental Care

Here’s Why It Is Important to Have an Emergency Dentist

Imagine you have been in a fight or an accident and you suddenly experience tooth or gum ache that requires emergency care. A dental emergency is inconvenient and painful, and, in severe cases, it can become life threatening. If you are in extreme pain and cannot wait to visit your regular dentist, you may benefit from having an emergency dentist on hand. It probably is not a situation to which you have given much thought before, so here is a blog post to help you understand how you can benefit from Read more [...]

How to Prevent Common Dental Problems

From stained teeth to bad breath; there are many dental problems which can hamper your overall health. Some of these issues may affect your confidence and lower your self-esteem. These dental problems may occur due to bad oral hygiene, lack of a proper diet and other habits like smoking and drinking. Brushing, flossing and going for regular dental check-ups are some of the best ways to prevent these problems. Dentistry on Dusk, a dental clinic that has 24-hour dentists in Brampton, covers some Read more [...]

12 Simple Dental Care Tips for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women need to take care of their oral health as doing so is important for their babies’ well-being. When a woman is pregnant, she goes through a lot of changes like experiencing morning sickness. This problem is common among expecting mothers, but avoiding brushing right after this issue is advisable to protect the teeth enamel. There are other dental care tips such as visiting the dentist, increasing the daily intake of calcium and flossing at least once a day should also be considered. If Read more [...]

Top 9 Reasons Why Your Tooth Hurts

Are you suffering from a toothache but can’t determine why? If so, then this blog-post is meant for you. We understand that pain can make you miserable, especially when nothing seems to soothe the ache. There are moments when problems with your teeth may impact your daily activities. This article lists nine common reasons you may be experiencing discomfort with your teeth so you can take action. Impacted Wisdom Teeth Impacted wisdom teeth that can’t break through the gum Read more [...]