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Category Archives: Child Dental Problems

How to Take Care of a Teething Baby

Tears, crankiness, and drooling can make the teething period an ordeal for most babies as well as their parents. Though the timing widely varies, it generally starts when they’re about 6 months old. The lower central incisors which are the bottom front teeth are the first ones to appear, followed by the upper central incisors, which are the two top ones. Classic symptoms and signs include chewing on objects, tender or sore gums, and irritability along with low-grade fever. Don’t worry about the Read more [...]

How to Prevent Common Dental Problems in Children

Similar to adults, there are a variety of dental problems common amongst children. These issues may be a result of baby bottle tooth decay, thumb sucking, premature tooth loss, lip sucking, tongue thrusting and teeth deposits. From maintaining oral hygiene to keeping your children’s feeding bottles and other accessories clean and sanitized, as a parent, you should consider these factors seriously. Ignoring them may cause your child to develop serious dental problems down the road. If you’re Read more [...]