6 Questions to Ask Your Orthodontist about Invisalign

Are you considering Invisalign to help you recover from orthodontic issues? Invisalign has grown in popularity in recent years. As a result, more people find themselves asking the question

“is it right for me?”


Here at Dentistry on Dusk, we feel that the answer is ultimately up to the patient if this treatment is right for them. Instead, we will be answering six questions about Invisalign that may help you in your decision.

1. What orthodontic flaws can be corrected by Invisalign?

This treatment can correct many of the same issues as traditional braces. However, there are exceptions. The amount of correction needed plays a major role. Traditional wires and brackets or even headgear may be needed to move teeth and align the jaw properly in extreme cases. For the rest of cases, these aligners do just fine.

2. How long will this treatment last? Is there a way to accelerate it?

The average length of time for this treatment is similar to braces. Some factors affect this such as, age, amount of correction needed and most importantly, required rectification. Both traditional braces and Invisalign require regular dentist visits for adjustments or to receive new aligner trays. Regular visits are necessary in order to achieve desired results.

3. Will Invisalign work for adults and seniors?

Yes actually, most Invisalign patients are adults. Most adults choose this form of treatment over traditional braces. It’s becoming popular as a painless, easier way to bring your teeth back to proper alignment. Adults who are looking to avoid full braces, choose Invisalign because it is nearly invisible.

4. Why does it cost so much?

With Invisalign, a series of clear tray aligners is used, based on the impressions taken from the patient’s mouth. These trays are custom-crafted in a laboratory, which is the reason for the increased price. At Dentistry on Dusk, Invisalign placement is supervised by an orthodontist, but it is important to note that it won’t affect the overall cost of your treatment.

5. My teeth don’t look that crooked to me. Do I still need it?

Orthodontists who prescribe Invisalign are concerned about the shape of your teeth, not just their appearance. Just because your front teeth are straight, doesn’t mean there isn’t problems with your back teeth such as they not touching or aligning properly. These problems may affect your overall oral health and if left untreated can cause bigger concerns. A 15-minute consultation is enough to learn about the pros and cons of Invisalign from your dentist.

6. How much does Invisalign cost?

These aligners cost almost the same as braces. Treatment prices range from $3000 to $5000, but simple cases can be installed for as low as $2000. Many insurance companies can cover at least half the price of treatment.

Invisalign treatment has several advantages over the traditional braces. These aligners are easily removable, making it easier to care for the teeth. Even the treatment time is much shorter than traditional braces.

Overall, Invisialign has fewer restrictions and allows for a much more confident, flexible life.

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