What to Expect During Your First Visit to Brampton’s Leading Dentistry Clinic

Have you ever felt nervous during your visit to the dentist for the first time? As a leading dentistry clinic in Brampton, we aim to provide safe, personalized, and complete oral care to you as well as your family. Read this to know what you should expect during your first appointment with us at the Dentistry on Dusk.

Before the Dentist’s Appointment

We wish you to always be prepared when visiting our family dentist in Brampton for the first time. Whether you want to cure your acute dental pain or it’s just your overall oral health check-up, we serve best to all our patients.

It is vital that you take off from school or work so that you don’t have to rush. We also request that you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled dental appointment. This is so that we can go through your medical and dental history and have the opportunity to give you a tour of our dental facility.

During the Dentist’s Appointment

At a standard dental appointment, our dental hygienist usually covers up your chest using a paper or plastic cloth. Then hygienist uses ultrasonic tools that are laid out on the tray to work on the teeth. (Ultrasonic signifies the sound that is beyond the normal audible hearing range.). They will start the dental health screening procedure by scraping any plaque build-up or tartar on the teeth surface and also along the gum line. Your teeth then will be properly polished using a tool having a spinning head. In the end, they may conduct floss and fluoride mouthwash in order to clean your teeth. Always inform the hygienist if you are experiencing pain during the process.

Then the hygienist will take you to the dentist to perform a comprehensive examination and check each and every tooth. They will check out the gaps or pockets between the gums and teeth. A periodontal probe or ultrasonic tool allows your dentist to find out any serious dental issues when measuring the depth of the gum pockets.

Once finished, your dentists will discuss with you about the dental health. You may ask any questions or even address any concerns during this time.

In a nutshell, your first visit to our dental office will often include a comprehensive oral assessment. We take a more holistic approach to your overall oral condition. In doing so, assessments can more accurately be made of the existing jaw bone structure, the TMJ, positioning of teeth, tooth decay, periodontal disease, and assessment for oral pathology, to name a few. Assisting in the formation of a more complete treatment plan, our comprehensive oral examination helps us in addressing your current and future dental needs.

After the Dentist’s Appointment

It is recommended that you should schedule an oral health exam every 6 months. Your dentist will give you details on this such as whether you have to come for specific issues like undergoing a root canal process or treating your cavities, etc.

Be it an orthodontist or a kid’s dentist, our dental clinic in Brampton offers the best solution.