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    Tooth Extraction Treatment refers to the removal of a tooth. Sometimes a tooth can become infected beyond repair and the only alternative is to have the tooth safely removed, to prevent the spread of the infection to adjacent teeth and surrounding structures. When restorative treatments like root canal therapy, crowning and filling treatments fail to work, extraction of the infected tooth may become inevitable. However, with advances in technology and clinical techniques, tooth extraction has become much less painful than it used to be, owing to evolved techniques that make use of modern day equipment and protocols.

    A patient who visits us for a tooth extraction is first administered local anesthetics to produce profound anesthesia. A short acting sedative may also be administered to minimize pain during the procedure. In some instances, an antibiotic course maybe warranted to reduce the acute phase of the infection, and to assist in controlling the spread of the infection prior to tooth removal.

    There may be minor bleeding and post-operative discomfort after the extraction treatment has been performed. This is often a component of the healing process. Patients are dissuaded from smoking, forceful brushing and rinsing, drinking hot liquids after the dental surgery, as these may lead to the opening of the wound site and result in delayed and impaired healing. It is advisable to apply cold compresses on the outside of the cheek near the extraction site, to help reduce swelling and assist in the healing process.

    The extraction of wisdom teeth, where the clinical circumstance indicates, is for the most part a routine surgical procedure. Wisdom teeth are the most posterior and final set of molars that erupt into the dentitions in early adulthood. It is common for these eruptions to be both painful and eventful, owing to the difficult access to good oral hygiene techniques, and there being limitations in the space available in the jaw bone to accommodate these teeth. Often times, these teeth need to be removed to avoid adversely affecting adjacent structures, and reduce sites of infection and gum inflammation. Such extractions very rarely affect the oral health of a person or cause enduring difficulty in chewing or eating post treatment. If you experience gum or facial swelling, infection, pain of both dental and gum origin in the far back of your mouth, it could be due to your wisdom teeth. Contact our dental office in Brampton, to learn how we can help!

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