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Denture Adjustment

It is extremely important to have dentures with a uniform and comfortable fit. It is quite common for dentures to loosen with usage over a period of time. Further, through the natural process of aging, your bones and gums will recede or shrink away from the denture base, reducing its support and retention. A loosely fitting denture can lead to various dental problems like sores spots, ulcerations, food impaction and even infections in the mouth. But do not worry, we at our dental office here in Brampton, are here to help! By adjusting your dentures with our specialized instruments, you will become more comfortable, and have little hindrances to your regular activities of chewing, talking, laughing or smiling.

Facts to remember:

  • Dentures can be adjusted if they no longer fit your mouth well.
  • Do NOT use a DIY kit to get rid of defects in your dentures.
  • Do NOT use over the counter glues on your dentures if it cracks, breaks or chips.
  • Contact us here at Dentistry on Dusk immediately for any kind of adjustment or repair needed for your dentures.
  • Dentures may need to occasionally be relined, re-based or re-made for a comfortable fit. Do NOT hesitate to contact your dental experts here in Brampton for help!

Call us at 905-453-7777 if you need help with your dentures