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    Sports Mouth Guards

    Sports Mouth Guards are essential for those who are actively involved in rigorous physical activities and sports like baseball, hockey, soccer, martial arts, basketball, skating, as well as contact sports. Mouth guards are a great way to protect your teeth from dental injuries. They can be used by people across all age groups for guarding against chipped or broken teeth, tooth loss, jaw fracture, concussion, root and bone damage, cerebral hemorrhage, cutting or bruising of lips, cheek and tongue injuries. An appropriate mouth guard is custom made to fit your existing dentition. It is retentive, comfortable and resistant to tear. Here at Dentistry on Dusk in Brampton, we have all your sports mouth guard needs covered!

    Types of Mouth Guards

    There are different types of mouth guards available for varying needs. However, it is important that you know about each of them before use.  The most common types of mouth guarded are:

    Custom fitted: As the name suggests, these are the most comfortable type of mouth guards with the best fit. They are prepared with the help of a cast molding of your existing dentition. They are often fabricated by a dental laboratory and are customized to your bite. This design of mouth guard provides the best protection and comfort when compared to other mouth guards.

    Mouth formed: These are of two types. The shell liner type of mouth guards are made with the help of acrylic gel or rubber materials that mold to fit the teeth and retain it’s shape. The other boil-and-bite kind of guard is made of thermoplastic materials which are placed in boiling water and then molded to fit the teeth with the help of fingers, lips, teeth, tongue and biting pressure. Though these are customized to an extent, they do not offer the same degree of comfort as a custom fitted one. There also is little design included to accommodate accurate biting schemes. Contributing to such things as temporomandibular joint pain.   

    Stock mouth guards: These are ready to wear mouth guards that are available over the counter. These are less expensive as compared to above mentioned. Since they are standardized towards a general cohort of the population, they do not offer much comfort, and protection is limited from dental trauma. They cause discomfort in breathing and talking for the wearer because the mouth has to be closed shut to keep them in place.

    Dentistry on Dusk can provide you with all the information on mouth guards. Contact Us today at 905-453-7777