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    Root Canal Therapy in Brampton

    Root Canal Therapy is one of the most common dental procedures performed by dentists worldwide. It is part of the standard protocol of trying to save teeth that would otherwise have to be removed.  Root Canal Therapy is required when the pulpal tissue, that is located centrally within the tooth and encased by dentin, undergoes some form of degeneration. This commonly occurs as a result of dental trauma, deep dental filling treatment and/ or growth of cavities into the pulp tissues of the tooth. Root Canal Therapy is a technical procedure to help control dental tooth infection. It is used to help restore form and functionality to a tooth that otherwise would need to be removed.

    What is a root canal?

    Before we talk of root canal therapy, it is important to understand what a root canal is. These are minute passages that start right beneath the surface of the tooth, that move downwards vertically to the tip of the root. Depending on the number of roots presents in a tooth, the number of canals found in a tooth may range from 1 canal, up to 4 +. These root canals consist of blood vessels, nerves fibers and other tissues collectively called the dental pulp. When this pulpal tissue is infected, it affects the root canal contents leading to pain and increased sensitivity. This occurs because as the infection spreads, it creates pockets of pus that then collude to form a larger dental abscess, which can be a very painful condition. There can be several causes of such infections, ranging from dental trauma, bad oral hygiene to untreated deep cavities.

    What is root canal therapy?

    Treatment of dental infection inside tooth’s root canals is known as root canal therapy. It is a very successful dental procedure that alleviates pain, helps resolves dental infections and helps restore normalcy to a tooth. This is a very successful alternative to having your tooth removed, and leading to possibly more expensive and involved dental procedures.

    What is the procedure of root canal therapy?

    In a root canal therapy, a small hole is drilled on the top surface of the tooth to reach the infected pulpal tissue within the root canal. The infected canal may be identified with the diagnostic assistance of a digital X-ray. The dentist may also use other techniques to help in localizing the infected tooth. Such tests may include percussion tests, periodontal probing and thermal sensitivity tests. The infected tissue inside the root canal(s), once located, are removed, and the inner chamber cleaned, disinfected and filled with an elastic material. The entry drill hole access point located on the top surface of the tooth, is then sealed and covered with a filling. It is often times recommended that the process is completed with the fitting of a crown or cap that is custom made in a dental lab. Contact our Brampton dental office to learn more!

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