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A Root Canal is not as BAD as you think

Root canals are just one of the top-quality dental services provided at Dentistry on Dusk. It involves the removal of pulp which is the soft centre of the tooth. This pulp consists of connective tissue, nerves, and blood vessels that help your tooth grow. This root canal therapy in Brampton repairs and protects an infected or severely damaged tooth instead of extracting it. The term ‘root canal’ is derived from the cleaning of the canals inside the root of a tooth. This procedure is performed by an endodontist or family dentist in Brampton while you are under local anaesthesia. This type of dental therapy used to be very painful, but with advances in dental technologies, patients now experience very little pain. The alternatives to root canal therapy in Brampton include removing the broken tooth or replacing it with a partial denture, dental bridge, or implant.

What Are the Popular Types of Root Canal Therapy in Brampton?


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Why You May Need a Root Canal

At Dentistry on Dusk, Brampton’s leading dentistry clinic, we specialize in offering our patients the most effective and customized root canal
therapies. This therapy is performed when the soft inner portion of your tooth or pulp is damaged, infected, or swollen. The tooth’s crown (which is the visible portion of your teeth above the gums) may remain intact even when the pulp is dead. Removal of this infected pulp helps to preserve your tooth’s overall structure. Here are the most common causes of pulp damage:

  • Developing deep decay because of an untreated cavity
  • Undergoing several dental procedures on the same tooth
  • Having a crack or chip inside the tooth
  • Any pulp injury that occurs when you get hit in the mouth.
    This injury of pulp occurs even if the tooth is not cracked.

The most common symptoms of damaged pulp include inflammation around your neck or face, a tiny hole in the tooth, toothache, sensitivity to temperature, and swelling of the gum. If you have any of these symptoms, visit us immediately. Our dentists will first examine the damaged tooth and take X-rays to confirm the diagnosis. They will then refer you to our endodontists if they think you require a root canal. For the best root canal or denture treatment in Brampton, feel free to consult our experts.

After your root canal

After your root canal treatment in our Brampton clinic, your tooth and gums may feel sore when the numbing medication subsides. Also, your gums may swell. Most dentists treat these symptoms with over-the-counter pain medications like ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Contact us immediately if the pain becomes unbearable or lasts for more than a few days after the procedure.

You may resume your regular routine the day after undergoing root canal therapy. Avoid chewing with the damaged tooth until it is filled permanently or a crown is placed over the tooth top.

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What Our Patients Have to Say

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this root canal treatment is extremely safe and effective, especially when performed by an experienced endodontist. Root canals have been performed for decades, and advancements in technology and techniques have made the treatment even more effective. The objective of root canal treatment is to protect a natural tooth and prevent any recurrence of infection. It is a much safer procedure than a tooth extraction.
It is a misconception that root canals are painful. While this was true decades ago, today, root canal therapy is more comfortable than getting a cavity filled. Indeed, the affected area is numbed so you don’t experience pain during the treatment.
This procedure is vital for repairing and restoring damaged or infected teeth. Left untreated, infected pulp may cause severe additional infection, tooth loss, or even damage to the jaw bone. Preserving the tooth through the root canal helps to retain a natural appearance, normal biting force or sensation, and appropriate chewing mechanisms. Plus, this therapy protects teeth from excessive strain or sensation and decreases the chances of needing further restorative dental procedures.
It generally ranges from $500 to $6,000, although your final cost will depend on many factors. These include the type of procedure, recurrence of the treatment, the location of the tooth, and the severity of the injury or damage.
The procedure may be completed in a single visit to the dental clinic and generally takes over two hours. If the issue is severe, you may need two appointments with the endodontist to complete the process.
Yes, you may prevent tooth damage by maintaining strong oral hygiene daily. This includes avoiding foods that are rich in sugar and acidic beverages like fruit juices and sodas. Moreover, you should visit your dentist every six months to clean your teeth and get them examined. We also recommend that you wear a custom mouth guard when you play any sport or engage in any activity that may injure your teeth. These mouth guards are also necessary if you grind your teeth in your sleep


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