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    Dental Night Guard, Brampton

    Dentistry on Dusk creates top-quality dental night guards in Brampton at affordable pricing.

    Clenching or grinding your teeth in your sleep is a common disorder. The consequences include headaches; sore jaw muscles; and sensitivity, loosening, or wearing down of teeth. However, with the use of a high-quality night guard, you can reduce the severity of this condition and keep your teeth safe.

    Why Use Our Dental Guards?

    • They provide a layer of cushioning between your upper and lower teeth.
    • They relax and support jaw muscles for better opening and closing of the mouth.
    • They are customized to fit your mouth and provide comfort while sleeping.
    • They help prevent chipping, flexing, and fracturing of teeth.


    Don’t worry! Our rates are affordable! 

    Dentistry on Dusk creates high-quality dental night guards. Visit our Brampton dental office to discuss your personalized dental guard and its cost.

    Since each night guard is customized, your cost will vary. However, most are covered by dental health insurance plans. So, check with your insurer.

    Why are dental guards the best solution for teeth grinding?

    Did you know that your jaw muscles can generate over 200 lbs of force? Teeth grinding often occurs due to anxiety or stress, and may lead to damage to your teeth over time.

    To treat teeth grinding, most dentists recommend a dental night guard. This protective mouth guard keeps your teeth safe from grinding or clenching in your sleep.

    Our dental guards are made from a soft or hard plastic. All of our products are custom-made to be comfortable while you sleep. Wearing yours while you sleep prevents the forces generated by teeth grinding from damaging your teeth.

    Want to know more?

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