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    Highly Qualified Pediatric Dentist in Brampton

    Emergency Pediatric Dentistry at Affordable Rates

    Dentistry on Dusk is your one-stop dentistry solution provider for the entire family under one roof. We offer an extensive range of services from cosmetic to pediatric dentistry. We have prompt services for emergency cases and consultants who can give you preventative services to avoid critical ailments. We have the latest medical technologies in the field of dentistry and skilled professionals ready to assist you. Dr. Gurpreet Chohan leads a team of assistants, hygienists and dental experts who specialize in orthodontics, Invisalign, dentures, dental implants for the entire family, including children, in our clinic. If you are looking for a pediatric dentist in Brampton, we have the best in class services to offer you at our clinic.

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    Why Do You Need Pediatric Dentists?

    Dental care for children requires extra care and caution. This can be provided by an experienced dentist who has experience in treating children in particular. The following are certain features that make pediatric dentistry an indispensable service.

    • They are specifically trained to treat dental ailments among children.
    • Pediatric dentists use smaller child-friendly equipment. The tools are designed such that they do not intimidate the child and can be comfortably used.
    • The pediatric section of any dental clinic is decorated and designed such that it is appealing and less intimidating for a child.
    • This service focuses more on preventive measures making it essential from an early age.
    • Dental ailments can start as early as 6 months old during the first tooth eruption and hence, periodic check-ups for preventing cavities and other dental issues are essential.
    • Pediatric dentists can introduce children to good dental care methods and help them to master these habits.

    Dentistry on Dusk has dental experts who specialize in pediatric treatments. Our clinic offers pediatric dentistry to Brampton clients at affordable rates. Call us to schedule an appointment with us for your child.

    Expert’s Tips of Pediatric Dental Care

    Pediatric treatment focuses more on preventives and the following are some tips dental experts universally suggest for ensuring healthy teeth and gums during a child’s growth years.

    • The parents must practice good dental care habits so that the child can imitate them. Show the kids the right way to maintain oral hygiene on their own at an early age.
    • Go to the best pediatric dentists whom you trust and who have earned a good reputation through their services. We take pride in offering superior pediatric solutions under specialist dentists at our clinic.
    • Take your child to the dentist every six months for a periodic checkup.
    • Have your children practise brushing twice to thrice a day, every day.
    • Encourage them to brush at school during the lunch break.
    • Reduce sugar in their diet and restrict their sweet intake.
    • Make sure they have a high protein breakfast every day as having a filling breakfast minimizes sweet and junk food cravings throughout the day.
    • If they drink soda and other aerated drinks and beverages, make them practice using a straw as it will reduce their teeth exposure to sugar.
    • Reward their healthy habits now and then so that they look forward to healthy practices.

    Kid’s dentistry is a popular and much-in-demand service in our Brampton clinic. We dedicate ourselves to ensuring complete satisfaction for our clients. We recommend scheduling your appointment with us at the earliest, keeping at least the next one-hour free to get an extensive checkup.

    Visit our clinic today with your child and experience the best services from top pediatric dentists in Brampton.

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    DENTISTRY ON DUSK (Chinguacousy Rd. / Dusk Dr.)
    55 Dusk Drive (Unit #2)
    Brampton, Ontario, L6Y 5Z6
    Phone: 905-453-7777

    Clinic Hours:Monday-Friday: 9:30AM – 6:30PM
    Saturday: 8:30AM–2:30PM
    Sunday: Closed