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    Professional Orthodontist in Brampton

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    Dentistry on Dusk is a renowned family dental clinic offering comprehensive dental treatments to adults and children. We also have the best orthodontist in Brampton. From fixing improper tooth alignments to correcting a mis-aligned bite, we do it all at affordable rates. We understand that a crooked teeth alignment can affect your appearance and make you lose confidence. Hence, our team along with Dr. Chohan work to treat you with the right treatment and restore your lost self-confidence. Teeth that are poorly aligned can lead to several dental problems such as open spaces between them, dental trauma, cavities and an irregular bite. All of these can result in inflamed and bleeding gums, food impaction and general discomfort.

    To avoid these problems, come to the best orthodontist in Brampton and get the treatment done. To book an appointment, call us at (905)-453-7777 or visit our dental clinic. We offer free initial consultations.

    Our Orthodontist Service Includes

    We offer different types of braces to fix improper teeth alignment.

    • Traditional

    Traditional braces are made from premium quality stainless steel and have metal brackets that are attached to the teeth with a type of a cement. These brackets are linked with a thin archwire that exerts pressure on the teeth and directs their movement into the correct position.

    NOTE- Archwires are connected to the brackets using ligatures or o-rings (tiny elastics) which is changed each visit by the orthodontist to tighten the braces.

    • Ceramic

    They are similar to traditional braces but, they are made from transparent ceramic materials making them less visible and the more popular choice among adults. However, the elastics in these braces can leave marks on your teeth over time.

    • Damon

    These are self-ligating and use a slide mechanism to connect the archwires instead of elastics. They are in demand because they require just a few dental visits. Also, they ensure fast results as the jaws can move around without any restriction. These braces don’t need to get adjusted and causes less friction making it less painful.

    • Lingual

    Lingual braces are attached to the tongue side of your teeth and are custom-made to fit the back surfaces of your teeth.

    • Invisalign

    Invisalign are removable braces that straighten your misaligned teeth. They are not made of metal, instead, they consist of transparent plastic aligners and are invisible to the eye. It is recommended that they be worn for 20 hours every day to fix your teeth alignment.

    If you wish to know more, then call us at (905)-453-7777 and get your answers or a breakdown of braces costs in Brampton.

    Why Choose Us?

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    To find the best orthodontists in Brampton, contact us today and book an appointment to restore your smile!

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    DENTISTRY ON DUSK (Chinguacousy Rd. / Dusk Dr.)
    55 Dusk Drive (Unit #2)
    Brampton, Ontario, L6Y 5Z6
    Phone: 905-453-7777

    Clinic Hours:Monday-Friday: 9:30 – 7PM
    Saturday: 8:30–2:30PM
    Sunday: Closed