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It is natural for us to want to keep all our natural teeth for a lifetime. However, circumstances do not always allow this to happen. A toothache, throbbing gums, jaw […]
Imagine you have been in a fight or an accident and you suddenly experience tooth or gum ache that requires emergency care. A dental emergency is inconvenient and painful, and, […]
Many of us are unaware of how certain physical activities, foods, and drinks could be destroying our teeth and gums. No matter how much time we spend flossing and brushing, some […]
Dental night guards protect their teeth from wearing down due to clenching or grinding. This condition, referred to as bruxism, affects 50-95% of the adult population and is activated by […]
Tears, crankiness, and drooling can make the teething period an ordeal for most babies as well as their parents. Though the timing widely varies, it generally starts when they’re about […]
The loss of one or more teeth alters your appearance while also affecting your oral health. Without any replacement teeth, the remaining ones may begin to shift into the open […]
Do you feel like your tongue has been scalded by hot coffee even though you haven’t had any? If so, you may have what is referred to as burning mouth […]
Most parents are under the impression that a family dentist can treat their children. While there might not be anything inherently wrong with that, there are certain distinct advantages taking […]
Oral cancer refers to cancers that are formed within the mouth such as on the tongue, inner cheeks, gums, hard palate, and lips. They occur when the DNA in the […]
Canker sores are mainly triggered by stress and can be annoying, uncomfortable and painful. They can make it difficult for you to eat or talk properly. Most of us get […]

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