Kids Dentist in Brampton: Tips for Children Who Fear Their Dentist

Many children experience fear and anxiety when visiting their dentist. These feelings may stem from a negative past experience, or maybe they learned about it from family members.

Either way, it is crucial to address and manage your child’s dental anxiety early to avoid potential issues later.

Here, the family dentists at Dentistry on Dusk in Brampton discuss dental anxiety, why some children fear their dentist and practical tips for helping yours cope with their feelings.

Let’s get started.

Brampton Kids Dentist Offers Advice on Overcoming Your Child’s Fear of the Dental Clinic

Let’s look at what dental anxiety is and valuable tips to cope with it.

What Do You Mean By ‘Dental Anxiety’?

Dental fear or anxiety is when you feel scared or stressed about going to the dentist. It can be because of certain procedures or tools like drills or needles. For some kids, just the thought of going to the dentist makes them anxious.

If kids do not overcome their dental anxiety, they may avoid going to the dentist when they grow up. This can lead to bigger dental health problems that require more extensive treatment. Avoiding the dentist can make their fear even worse because then they have to face the things they fear the most, like getting local anesthesia or having a tooth extracted.

That’s why it is important to help children get over dental anxiety when they are young. In fact, parents can help their children not avoid the dentist as adults by teaching them ways to cope with and even eliminate their fear.

Why Are Some Children Afraid of Visiting the Dentist?

Here are a few reasons why some kids are fearful of visiting their dentist. These include:

  • Remembering a painful experience at the dentist.
  • Seeing or feeling the dental tools on their teeth.
  • The smell, look, and feel of the dental clinic.
  • Not being prepared for their first dental visit.

How to Help Your Child with Dental Anxiety

How to Help Your Child with Dental Anxiety

Below are a few ways to help your little ones overcome their fear of visiting the dentist.

Reward Your Child for Taking Care of Their Teeth

Instead of scaring your child by saying they will need a big dental procedure if they don’t brush, use positive initiatives. For example, you can ask them to use toothbrushes and play a fun song for two minutes in the background. In this way, you can make brushing more enjoyable. And if your children follow these instructions, don’t forget to give them rewards such as a colouring book.

Bring a Toy or Something Comforting to the Dental Clinic

If your child has a favourite stuffed toy, it may help them feel more comfortable during the appointment. You may call the dentist’s office before the appointment to tell them about your child’s anxiety as well as ask if it’s okay to bring a toy.

Read Stories or Play Games About Going to the Dentist

One important way to decrease stress and anxiety is to tell positive stories about going to the dentist that are designed to help kids feel less scared.

Choose the Right Words

If your child has never visited the dentist before, have a conversation with them about what to expect. It is important to choose your words carefully because words can greatly influence how children feel.

Avoid words like ‘scary,’ ‘painful’ or ‘hurt’ as they can create fearful images. Instead, use positive words such as ‘healthy’, ‘nice’ or ‘clean’ to describe the dental visit. The staff at their dental clinic should also speak in an easy and comforting way to your child to alleviate their fears.

Use Music

Music has a special power to calm us when we feel anxious or scared. At your child’s next dental appointment, you can ask their pediatric dentist if it is okay for your child to bring a device (with headphones) to play their favourite songs. This can help keep them stay calm and relaxed.

Find an Expert Kids Dentist

You may ask your family dentist in Brampton to recommend a dentist who specializes in treating kids. These pediatric dentists are trained to take care of children’s oral health. They know how to make kids feel more comfortable and their offices are designed to be kid-friendly. For example, the clinic’s waiting area and treatment rooms may feature vibrant colours, fun artwork, and engaging decorations that appeal to children.

Teach Them About the Importance of Visiting Their Dentist

Finally, it is important to teach your child good oral care habits and make sure they go to the dentist regularly. For example, help your child understand the connection between a healthy diet and oral health. Limit sugary snacks and drinks, and encourage them to choose nutritious foods that promote dental health, such as fruits, vegetables, and dairy products. It is vital that your child understands that their dentist and dental hygienist are there to help keep their teeth healthy and that there is nothing to be afraid of.


By understanding the reasons behind dental anxiety and implementing effective strategies, parents can help their children overcome their fears and develop positive dental experiences. Open communication, honest explanations, and exposure to dental settings can alleviate anxiety and promote a successful dental visit. Seeking the expertise of a pediatric dentist in Brampton can make a significant difference in creating a supportive dental environment. To learn more about kids’ dentistry in Brampton, contact Dentistry on Dusk. We are committed to offering a wide array of dental treatments.

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