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Monday-Friday: 9:30 AM – 6:30 PM
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    How are Dentures Made?

    Dentures are artificial teeth that replace original ones after they have been extracted. They are always customized and take about a month to fabricate. We help our patients here at our dental office in Brampton, with fitting dentures to help them lead a normal life, that can otherwise be affected by missing teeth. We follow a systematic approach for this process to make you the most comfortable denture possible. The below is a summary of the processes involved.

    • Our initial diagnosis consists of an impression of the upper and lower dental arches, with a bite registration then being performed to determine the correct positioning and orientation of the articulating jaws.
    • The natural color of your teeth is determined through a process referred to as shade selection, to help create teeth that closely resemble your natural ones. These details are then shared with our local dental laboratory, creating a custom-made solution for your mouth.
    • Our dental laboratory pours up models from your existing dentition moldings, places the teeth in a wax base and shape the wax to recreate your dental anatomical form. A trial of the ‘wax-in’ denture is done at our dental office here in Brampton, to ensure a comfortable fit.
    • Once you are satisfied, your denture is then processed by the dental laboratory. This is done with the help of the ‘lost wax’ technique, in which the wax from the preliminary molding of the denture, is removed. The left over space is filled with pink plastic in the form of dough. The mold is heated to harden the plastic. The next and final step involves the polishing of your denture and getting it ready for wear.

    For more details get in touch with us at 905-453-7777