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    Gum Therapy in Brampton

    Our gums are as important as our teeth! They perform the crucial function of protecting the vital structures that support and hold our teeth in place. Without healthy gum tissues, we become more susceptible to conditions such as periodontitis, whereby the bony support for our teeth is destroyed irreversibly.  Regular dental hygiene care, can help reduce the progression of this invasive disease.

    Gum surgery

    Gum surgery may be recommended either for preventing or treating existing gingival or gum disease. It may also serve as an adjunct to improved cosmetic appearance. Gum Surgery often times involves the removal, reshaping and grafting of gum tissue. Surgery performed can be performed to either result in pocket depth reduction or regeneration. The pocket depth reduction involves the folding back of the gum of underlying tooth, and then having it secured back to reduce the gum pocket post treatment. Regeneration takes place when the bone and tissue are damaged beyond repair. After the gum tissue is folded back, a regenerative material like a graft or membrane is added to help re-growth of bone and supporting tissues.

    Building up of shrinking gums

    When the gums shrink or recede, the root surface beneath become exposed to the oral environment. This not only looks unsightly but can also lead to problems like tooth sensitivity and even premature tooth loss. Through various methods of gingival and/or connective tissue and alloderm grafting, this method the gum stabilization and recreation is made possible.

    Removal of surplus gum tissue

    Sometimes there can be build-up of excess gum tissue around a tooth. This condition prevents proper maintenance of healthy tooth structure, as food particles become trapped in this excess gum mass. This gives rise to bacteria and consequent infections and problems in chewing, as well as in some cases even normal speech. They also give rise to an un-esthetic appearance. The removal of this excess tissue works as a solution for most of these gum related problems.

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