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Getting Used to your Denture

How to Get Used to Your New Dentures

aDentures are prosthetic dental devices that consist of a supporting substructure on which artificial teeth are placed. These teeth are used to fill in the space between edentulous sites. Dentures in the mouth may feel mildly uncomfortable in the initially phase. However, it is only a matter of time for your mouth to get used to its new teeth! Like breaking in a new pair of shoes, your comfort, with necessary adjustments, will improve over time.

We take the utmost care to create comfortable fitting dentures. It is best to wear the dentures as often as possible throughout the day, so that any areas of discomfort can be recognized and adjusted accordingly. Some dentures, upon initial insertion, may seem uncomfortable. This, however is just temporary. By detecting high spots that can result in denture sores, corrective adjustments can then be made. To improve your overall comfort and enhance your long term denture wearing experience, dentures should be removed before going to bed. Ideally, your gums should be given 8 hours of rest during the course of the day. It is also advisable to eat soft foods in small pieces and chew on both sides with uniform pressure. This will improve your experience.

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