Dental Clinic Brampton

DENTISTRY ON DUSK (Chinguacousy Rd. / Dusk Dr.)
55 Dusk Drive, Unit #2
Brampton ON
L6Y 5Z6

Phone: 905-453-7777

Clinic Hours:
Monday-Friday: 9:30 AM – 6:30 PM
Saturday: 8:30 AM–2:30 PM
Sunday: Closed

    Top Brampton’s Family Dentist at Your Service

    We Offer All-around Dentistry for the Entire Family under One Roof

    Dentistry on Dusk has flourished as one of the top dental clinics in Brampton under Dr. Gurpreet Chohan and his expert team of hygienists, dental experts and assistants. We have the latest ultramodern equipment and dental technologies to best serve our clients. Every kind of dental services ranging from cosmetic to emergency is provided by our expert dentists. We are dedicated to providing superior treatments and family dentistry services in Brampton.

    Why Seek Family Dentistry?

    Dental services are an important aspect of overall health and we advise our clients to seek periodic check-ups every year. Doing so can prevent any major ailments in the future. While opting for an individual check-up is necessary, in Brampton, family dentistry is a popular procedure where you have a dedicated dentist and clinic serving your entire family.

    Family dentists can provide:

    • All-around dentistry for the entire family, irrespective of their age
    • Preventive suggestions to ensure you do not suffer any major ailments
    • There are pediatric dentists who can take care of the dental issues of children and infants
    • There are various specialists working under one roof and hence booking an appointment is less of a hassle
    • You can schedule appointments for the entire family at the same time
    • Family dentists offer a variety of dental services all under one roof
    • Flexible and convenient appointments can be easily booked

    Visit your family dentist today for dedicated service.

    Book an appointment with our principle dentist to seek advice regarding the best dentistry packages suitable for your entire family.

    How to Choose the Right Family Dentist?

    It is important to choose the best professionals when you are seeking family dentistry services. Here are some tips and factors to consider ensuring you get the right dental solutions.

    • Check if they are up to date with the latest dental technologies
    • Consider the reviews and the consistency of the dental clinics of your choice
    • Check whether the clinic accepts your medical insurance
    • Personality and professionalism of the staffs
    • Go through credentials like their educational qualifications and work experience
    • Visit the clinic personally to understand their work culture and hygiene maintenance standards

    We understand the concerns patients have regarding clinics. You can rely on us with your family’s dental health. We take pride in being one of the top recommended clinics in Brampton for our consistent services over many years.

    The clinic is open from Monday to Friday during regular working hours. Our working hours are from 8:30AM to 2:30PM on Saturdays.

    Visit us at the earliest regarding any dental treatment you may need. We do our best to provide the best treatment to our patients in a friendly yet professional environment. We are one of the top family dentists in Brampton and you can get our services by booking an appointment with us.

    Our Dental Office

    DENTISTRY ON DUSK (Chinguacousy Rd. / Dusk Dr.)
    55 Dusk Drive (Unit #2)
    Brampton, Ontario, L6Y 5Z6
    Phone: 905-453-7777

    Clinic Hours:Monday-Friday: 9:30AM – 6:30PM
    Saturday: 8:30AM–2:30PM
    Sunday: Closed