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    Sensitive Teeth Care in Brampton

    Do you feel a stab of pain whenever you sip a cold drink or take a bite of hot pizza? Then you are suffering from dental hypersensitivity, a.k.a. tooth sensitivity.

    Tooth sensitivity refers to the sharp pain that occurs after consuming foods or liquids. It is an overstated response of tooth nerves to hot, cold, sweet and sour stimuli. Tooth sensitivity can affect one tooth or several.
    According to the Journal of Conservative Dentistry, though tooth sensitivity may affect you at any age, those who mostly suffer from this problem are 20 to 50.

    So, how do we treat it?

    There are many ways to manage tooth sensitivity, depending upon the cause, such as cavities. At our dentistry service in Brampton, our specialists suggest some of the best sensitive teeth care tips to address this issue, such as:

    • Dental bonding procedures for permanent relief.
    • Getting a dental crown on a severely misshapen tooth.
    • Dental veneers to shield the tooth and protect it from adversities in the oral environment.
    • Root canal: This may be advised to treat the root infections in your tooth and drain abscesses if they are causing dental sensitivity.
    • Mouth guards: These may be suggested if the cause of your sensitivity is bruxism. Get personalized guards for optimum results.
    • Application of fluoride varnish: By creating a long-lasting barrier to stimuli, fluoride varnish can stop fluid movement in the exposed dentin tubules, thus preventing that sharp pain caused by sensitive teeth. (Dentin tubules are tiny tubes or similar structures located inside the dentin, which is a layer below the tooth enamel).
    • Gum grafting: If the root of your tooth has lost gum tissue, then a little amount of gum tissue may be taken from other parts of the mouth. That tissue is then attached to the affected area. This may shield the exposed roots and also lessen tooth sensitivity.
    • Desensitizing toothpaste: Often desensitizing toothpaste may help to reduce associated with tooth sensitivity. Make sure you consult your dentist in Brampton to find out which toothpaste will be suitable for you.
    • Proper brushing: To prevent tooth sensitivity from recurring, make sure you brush your teeth twice at least a day. Always use a soft-bristled toothbrush as well as fluoride toothpaste. Apply strokes gently and avoid harsh scrubbing. Also, never use abrasive toothpaste.

    Whatever the reason for your teeth sensitivity, the dentists at Dentistry on Dusk provide personalized and best sensitive teeth care in Brampton and relieve your tooth pain.

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