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Our Dental Technology


Fully Computerized

With advancements in technology, we believe that keeping pace with new industry breakthroughs helps maintain a high level of care. This can be experienced through our chartless practice management software, digital radiography, electronic insurance claim submissions and other digital practices that are extremely efficient. All our digital processes are aimed at improving client experience by saving valuable time through our effective, prompt and fully computerized practices.


Magnification Loupes Diagnostic Tools

Magnification through the use of dental loupes helps assist us perform a high level of dental care. From using magnification from routine procedures like dental cleaning treatments, through to more involved treatments like dental root canals, the use of magnification is a valuable tool for us to help provide a high level of care. Together with proper visibility of the oral cavity, as well as improved lighting conditions, dental loupes provide an important role in the performance of precision dentistry. The typical magnification for use in dentistry is 2.5x, but dental loupes can be anywhere in the range from 2x to 8x normal magnification, allowing our dentist’s to see more during your treatment.


Digital Panorex and Ceph

Our dental office is happy to use the current technology of the Carestream 8000 SC PAN Ceph machine for our patient dental care. The 8000C System is the first digital cephalometry system in the world to expose all standard cephalometric images in a single shot. Until now, digital systems had to scan a patient’s head for up to 8 to 18 seconds. But Carestream’s innovative one shot technology captures the image in just over a second, drastically reducing the risk of blurred images and significantly improving patient comfort.

With a full range of panoramic and cephalometric imaging capabilities, the 8000C System which we incorporate into your care here at Dentistry on Dusk, provides for a completely integrated, digital solution for greater ease of use and efficiency. In addition to a wide variety of cephalometric options, we have the capability to capture the TMJ, panoramic, segmented panoramic, and maxillary sinus radiographs.


Digital X-rays

Digital X-rays or radiography is a path breaking technology that aids in precise diagnosis of dental problems. At our dental office here in Brampton, we use the Carestream phosphor plate system and intra-oral digital Sensor, the most technologically advanced digital X-ray system available today. Some advantages of digital radiography include:

  • 70% less radiation as compared to traditional X-rays
  • 1.5 seconds wait as compared to the 4.5 minute wait for development of traditional X-rays images
  • Better quality instant magnified images, that helps save diagnostic and treatment time
  • Minimal discomfort in the mouth during sensor placement
  • An Environmentally friendly process, that does not use harmful chemicals

Intraoral Camera

Intraoral cameras are an important tool used in the diagnosis of dental problems. They allow patients to see the affected areas inside of their own mouths. Infected teeth or gums, tarnished or corroded fillings, fractured teeth, decayed and carious teeth, plaque build- up and other dental problems can be seen first hand for better understanding and education. Through the implementation and use of the CS 1500 intraoral camera system, we are able to create an optimal dental treatment plan with our patients through education and co-diagnosis. The advantages of intraoral camera use in our office here in Brampton include:

  • Assist our patient’s to get a better understanding of their dental health problems
  • Helps our dental experts to identify potential problems and assists in early detection and diagnosis
  • Helps assess and monitor patient’s progress, during the course of treatment and over the years, through a visual dental record

Come to our dental office at Dentistry on Dusk, to experience the difference today!


Zoom! Whitening

We provide professional teeth whitening with Zoom! It is one of the latest techniques to get back natural, whiter and brighter teeth. This innovative whitening technology whitens teeth by up to eight shades in just one hour! A safe, simple and relatively pain-free whitening process that helps you gain back your dazzling smile! Read on to know more about the process of Zoom Whitening!:

  • An examination of your teeth and gums is performed to ensure that they are healthy.
  • Next, the lips and gums are covered with an isolation material to help protect them during the course of whitening treatment.
  • We then apply the special Zoom! Whitening gel that is activated with the Zoom! LED Light source. The gel and light work collectively to break down the stains on your teeth.
  • There are four such applications on the teeth in a span of one hour, after which all you will need to do is rinse your teeth and enjoy your whiter and brighter smile!

NV Microlaser

The NV Microlaser is a great adjunct to patient care. With multiple procedures ranging from frenectomies to laser bacterial reduction and gum surgeries, the NV laser delivers the full power and capabilities of a much larger and bulker desktop soft-tissue laser, in a sleek and pen-sized package. The lasers compact and innovative, all-in-one and wire-free handheld design gives unprecedented freedom in the dental operatory. Experience all the benefits of soft-tissue laser technology without the intimidation of a large and bulky device. Experience NV Microlaser technology today at Dentistry on Dusk, in Brampton.


Dental Vibe – Injection Comfort System

Millions fear the dentist because of potentially painful procedures being performed with the need for dental injections. Our offices use of the Dental Vibe and it’s patented technology, reduces the pain experienced from the administration of needle injections, naturally through direct vibration to the gum and skin. For the first time, the fear of needle pain in dental patients of all ages can be reduced and even eliminated, resulting in more pleasant dental appointments leading to your healthier smile!



The use of the patented technology of the VELscope® Vx Enhanced Oral Assessment System in our office is a simple but effective way to help with the visualization of oral mucosal abnormalities. The wireless, handheld scope uses natural tissue fluorescence to enhance the way our dental team visualize oral mucosal abnormalities. Such abnormalities might not be apparent or even visible to the naked eye. Recognized by the World Health Organization, the award-winning VELscope® Vx is the world’s most widely used adjunctive device for the enhanced visualization of oral mucosal abnormalities, such as oral cancer or pre-malignant dysplasia. Contact our dental office here at Dentistry on Dusk, and experience the VelScope technology today!


Pro-Select Platinum® in Soft Tissue Management:

In our approach to provide the highest level of care that we can, we have implemented the advance technology of the Pro-select Platinum as part of our comprehensive, non-surgical Soft Tissue Management program. As the DenMat product designed to advance scaling and root planing (SRP) therapy to the next level ( with innovative feature sets, and heated subgingival irrigation), Pro-Select Platinum® provides our dental clinic here in Brampton, with a new avenue to help repair the damage caused by periodontal disease.