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Denture Common Concerns

aGetting used to dentures inside your mouth takes some time. Normal functions like eating, chewing, talking with ease, smiling or laughing takes some practice in the initial stages of denture wearing. Here are some suggestions to help you get adjusted to your dentures.

  • When you have new dentures, eat soft foods that are broken into small bits. Start with normal foods only after you are completely comfortable with chewing with dentures on. You may need to be careful with hot or harder foods. It will take time to improve muscle memory.
  • Chew from both sides of the denture (left and right side equally), applying uniform pressure on teeth and jaws.
  • Speech can be affected in the absence of natural teeth. Speaking effortlessly with dentures on may initially take some time. Reading out loud and the repeated pronunciation of certain words will help you to resume normal speech. Book your free denture consultation to learn how!
  • If your dentures click or slip at the time of laughing, talking or coughing, try to reposition your dentures to get rid of the problem. However, if it persists it is best to contact your dentist who can make the necessary adjustments.

For all your concerns about dentures do not hesitate to contact us at 905-453-7777