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    Dental Implants Procedure

    What procedure is followed in dental implants?

    The first step in the dental implant placement procedure is the assessment of the area of the jaw bone to receive the dental implant. This is done by first performing a clinical examination (with the assistance of digital radiographic imaging), as well as CBCT imaging. These help in evaluating the condition of the jaw bone, as well as the quality and quantity of bone present.  This assessment will reveal whether the patients existing oral condition, would make them a candidate for dental implant therapy. If it is determined that the patient is not a suitable candidate for dental implant treatment, alternative options to implant treatment can then be determined. If however, it is determined that the patient is a candidate for dental implant treatment, but lacks or is deficient in some of the required site conditions for the successful placement of a dental implant, then additional surgical grafting or orthodontic treatments may be indicated. This requires both precision and expertise on behalf of the clinician.

    After the healing and integration process of the dental implant treatment has been completed (which can take between 3-12 months), the implant is restored with an implant supported crowning treating. This improves both biting ability and esthetics for the patient.

    Do dental implants affect everyday life?

    Contrary to some misinformed beliefs that dental implants are problematic, they can serve to improve the quality of life for most people who opt for this treatment. Dental implants make functions like eating, chewing, talking, laughing and drinking more enjoyable, as compared to those experienced through diseased or lost teeth. Visit our dental clinic in Brampton, at Dentistry on Dusk, to determine whether dental implant therapy may be suitable for you!

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