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Dental bonding in Brampton is a dental care treatment that improves the natural appearance of teeth. Many patients use amalgam fillings with mercury and silver that can break or become damaged over time. They also can’t be held in place by chemical bonding to the teeth. However, dental bonding by our dentists in Brampton helps to resolve these issues. This cosmetic dentistry procedure makes use of composite resins. They look good and add strength to the affected tooth by chemically holding it.

Dentistry on Dusk uses the most current dental bonding techniques to enhance the way your teeth look, feel, and last. The procedure is ideal for teeth that are chipped, cracked, discoloured, misshaped, or misarranged and is a good alternative to dental veneers in front teeth. For example, ‘bonded’ composite veneers can enhance your teeth’s appearance like never before.

Dental bonding can transform your smile in just one visit.

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What is the procedure for Dental bonding?

Dental bonding is performed at Dentistry On Dusk with the latest technologies to ensure minimal discomfort. It is a simple procedure that involves the preparation of the tooth for it to receive dental bonding. The tooth is chemically prepared by etching its surface, followed by the application of a primer and dental bonding agent. After these dental agents have been integrated into the tooth’s structure with a microscopic seal, the composite resin material is applied and shaped by our dentist and custom-fit to your tooth. The colour of the resin materials used matches that of the existing tooth’s shade. When the resin is firm and has set well through the curing process, it is trimmed, smoothed, and polished to give it a natural look to match your remaining teeth.

Why Is Teeth Bonding Done?

Dental bonding can help fix any imperfection or defect within your tooth. Patients use teeth bonding in Brampton to repair cracked, decayed, and discoloured teeth. This procedure may also help close tiny gaps between teeth.

Moreover, bonding increases your tooth’s size precisely. For instance, perhaps you have one tooth that is shorter than the others, and you wish them to all be of similar length.

The dental bonding performed by our dentist in Brampton is a quick dental procedure that does not require downtime. You can also continue with your day after the procedure.

Generally, dental bonding takes 30 minutes to one hour, although some appointments may last a bit longer based on the specific situation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When your teeth are damaged or cracked, there is no guarantee that they will be repaired permanently. One of the best remedies is to fill in these gaps or even cracks immediately in order to prevent severe infection caused by bacteria. Also, if you have cavities or have sustained teeth injury then you must choose a filling with dental bonding. Consult your dentist to learn more.
Based on the intensity of the teeth damage, the total amount of composite material required, and the location of any crack in the teeth crack, your dental bonding procedure may take 30 to 60 minutes.
Most tooth restoration procedures need to be conducted with an anesthetic solution, especially if teeth are being removed. However, tooth bonding is a bit different because it is done with or even without tooth removal; therefore the requirement for an anesthetic solution differs. Dental bonding is a simple procedure that takes less than an hour and it is mostly painless.
Typically, there are no side effects or risks involved in dental bonding. However, it depends on the severity of the damage being repaired. If you have a deep crack or chip that needs to be filled in, then you may experience some minor pain, discomfort, or sensitivity; but that often subsides within a day or two.
Recovery is brief as this bonding procedure is not a major treatment. However, it is advisable to refrain from consuming beverages or foods that will discolour or stain teeth for one or two days afterwards; these include coffee, tea, and chocolates. Also, you should not smoke after your dental bonding procedure.
Cleaning a tooth that has a composite bond applied to it is no different from taking care of your natural teeth. Make sure you brush two times every day, floss regularly, and apply mouthwash in order to clean the closed or tight areas inside the mouth. Also, make sure you visit your dentist at least twice a year.


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