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White Fillings

img_white-fillingsEvery dental treatment is aimed at restoring and enhancing the look and functionality of teeth that have been damaged or have worn away. Tooth fillings are a common technique to repair a tooth and bring back its functionality and esthetic appearance. White fillings are a current technique of creating beautiful teeth, as they merge with the tooth enamel imparting a completely natural look.

Metal fillings have commonly been used to treat cavities in the recent past. Whilst these fillings are often enduring and can help give you back better biting ability, they can for obvious reasons have an unfavorable appearance. Cracks may form between the filling and the natural tooth structure, resulting in recurrent cavitation and sites for food impaction and tooth staining. Tooth colored, “white” fillings, can give you a durable and more esthetic option for teeth that have been affected by cavities and filling degradation. Dr. Chohan and our dental team here at Dentistry on Dusk, match the color of the filling with that of your natural tooth, helping to create the appearance of a tooth, that looks untouched and cavity free!

What process is followed for white fillings?

The placement of composite resin filling treatment is performed at Dentistry On Dusk. This involves a routine procedure with a high level of predictability. It is a simple procedure that involves the  preparation of the tooth by first removing the existing cavity and/or defective filling, followed by conditioning the tooth to receive the filling by gently etching it’s surfaces, and the application of a primer and dental bonding agent. After the dental agents have integrated well into your tooth structure, providing a microscopic seal, the composite resin “filling” material is then applied and shaped by our dentist and customized to your tooth. The color of the resin is created to match that of the existing shade of your existing tooth. Through the process of light curing, the composite resin filling material becomes firm and chemically bonded to your tooth structure. It is then trimmed, smoothened and polished to give your tooth a more natural appearance, matching the appearance of the rest of your teeth! Affordable dentistry in Brampton, customized to your needs!

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