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    Dental Crowns & Bridges

    Dental Crowns and Bridges are a part of the various dental care services that we offer at Dentistry on Dusk, located in Brampton, Ontario. These are common dental treatments that help strengthen weakened teeth and help regain both lost esthetics and functionality. Whether your needs are to help mask an anatomical tooth defect or the repairing of a broken or fractured tooth, crowning procedures are a simple and affordable method to help your teeth both stronger and more enduring.

    Dental Crowns

    The tooth crown, also commonly referred to as a “cap”, is an efficient and cost effective way to help repair lost or compromised tooth structure. The detrimental effects of tooth decay and large cracked fillings can significantly weaken the strength of your teeth.  Overtime, without crowning treatment, your teeth may further degrade to the point of becoming un-useable. This can often lead to the loss of your tooth, and result in eating discomfort and esthetics concerns thereafter. Crowning procedures, are a simple and effective method to prolong the life of weakened and compromised teeth. The additional benefit of the crowning of teeth, is the improved esthetic appearance and functionality that can be achieved.  Depending on your clinical needs, you will be given an array of crowning treatment options. Various materials can be selected to fabricate your crown at our dental office located in Brampton,  ranging from All Zirconia, All Ceramic, Porcelain, Gold, Porcelain fused to metal, and metal crown materials. These will be tailored to your needs, wants and requirements and can be made to work within your budget.

    The steps involved in the crowning of teeth, involve firstly assessing your needs and wants. An assessment of which type of crowning treatment will best address your concerns will be discussed. Through co-diagnosis, a decision on the type of crowning treatment that best suits your needs will be determined and dental impressions will be taken of your teeth once a decision is made. This is a dental imprint and record of where we will be starting from, and how best to achieve where we wish to finish.  Your tooth will then be prepared and shaped to the chosen design. A new impression will then be taken of your newly prepared tooth, so that the most accurate duplicate of the affected tooth can be made. This dental impression is then forwarded to our local dental laboratory, with whom we work very closely, during the fabrication process of your custom made crowning treatment. Working as a team, with constant correspondences between our clinic dentist and the dental laboratory, your crown will be made to the dentist’s and your specifications. As your crown is being fabricated, you tooth will be protected by a temporary customized crown, to improve your inter-appointment comfort.  Upon receiving your crown from the dental laboratory, and after careful assessment and articulation of your crown by our dentist, as part of our quality assurance protocol, the final customized crown will be permanently cemented.

    Dental Bridges

    Dental bridges are a good option when you are missing a single tooth or multiple teeth. A porcelain/zirconia or metal tooth is used to prosthodontically replace your missing tooth/ teeth, that are held in place by adjacently crowned teeth. The technique involves preparation of the teeth on either side of the empty space to accept the new inclusion of tooth and bridge. Like in crowns, impressions are taken to create a bridge with a comfortable and appropriate fit. A temporary bridge is put in place whilst your customized bridge is being fabricated in our local dental laboratory.

    Some of our treatments are also a combination of crowns and bridges, especially when conventional restorative methods are inadequate to bring back both form and function to your teeth. In some cases a single tooth is replaced and connected to adjacent teeth (a bridge), whilst in other cases a bridge has a new tooth that is attached to neighboring teeth with wing like appendages. Bridges also work well in case of dental implants.

    What are crowns made of?

    Crowns are made of materials that give a natural tooth like appearance to a compromised tooth. They are either made of ceramic, zirconia, porcelain or metal materials, and can even be customized to a  combination of materials. Though metal crowns and bridges are extremely durable, some metal free crowns and bridges are infused with special materials that enable them to bear more stress, making them both stronger, more durable and wear resistant.

    What are the advantages of fitting a dental crown?

    Fitting a dental crown has many advantages. Through a dental crown, you can help restore the original look of your tooth as well as it’s biting ability. Since fixing a crown requires prior treatment of the tooth, it also ensures improved dental health. In case of badly broken tooth fillings or cavitations, a dental crown helps to preserve and protect the healthier part of the tooth that is yet to be affected. Since dental crowns are made of materials that closely resemble tooth structure, they can be made to look natural. You can have your crown customized to be made of either metallic materials or non-metallic composite substances such as all ceramic or porcelain materials, that are translucent. If your crown is old, you can choose to have it replaced, depending upon certain clinical and esthetic conditions. Experts at Dentistry at Dusk, here in Brampton, can help you regain your tooth structure without compromising on esthetics.

    What are the advantages of a dental bridge?

    Dental bridges help to give you back the feeling of your missing teeth. By both preserving the space, where your natural tooth used to be, and helping you regain better biting ability, a dental bridge helps prevent both adjacent and opposing teeth from shifting. This helps maintain a healthier and more predictable bite. The missing tooth is replaced with an artificial one, within the bridging system, keeping it in place by extending to adjacent teeth on either side of the missing tooth/teeth, for support and retention. This helps restore both functionality as well as esthetics.  Let our dental office, located in Brampton help you regain the feeling you once had of eating your food with more comfort. If you already have existing partial dentures and are looking for a more fixed option, dental bridges and dental implants may be the option for you! Contact our dental experts at Dentistry on Dusk to know whether dental bridging treatment is a good option for you!

    How do I maintain my dental crown or bridge?

    Dental crowns and bridges do not require any special considerations for maintenance. Depending upon your existing clinical conditions, our dental team here at Dentistry On Dusk, will be happy to review your specific needs. Common practices like brushing and flossing regularly for the majority of patients, is all that is required for regular maintenance. The use of superfloss and floss threader may also be indicated. Periodic visits to the dentist are recommended for early detection of any problems.