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    White Fillings in Brampton

    Every dental treatment is aimed at restoring or enhancing the look and functionality of your teeth. Fillings are a common method of repairing teeth to bring back their functionality and make them look better. White fillings are a popular technique for creating beautiful teeth, as they merge with the tooth enamel to offer a completely natural look.

    Why White Fillings?

    Metal fillings were commonly used to treat cavities. While they are durable and provide better biting ability, they don’t always look great.

    Cracks may form between the filling and the natural tooth structure, resulting in recurrent cavitation and sites for food impaction and tooth staining. Tooth-coloured ‘white’ fillings can give you a durable and better-looking option for teeth that have been affected by cavities and filling degradation.

    Dr. Chohan and the dental team here at Dentistry on Dusk, match the colour of your filling with that of your natural tooth. This helps create the appearance of a tooth that is cavity-free!

    What is the process for creating white fillings for your teeth?

    Dentistry On Dusk performs the composite cosmetic dentistry treatment in Brampton. This involves a routine procedure with a high level of predictability.

    Creating white fillings is a simple procedure that involves…

    • Preparing the tooth by first removing the existing cavity and/or defective filling. This is followed by conditioning the tooth to receive the filling by gently etching its surfaces and applying a primer and dental bonding agent.
    • After the dental agents have integrated into the tooth structure, providing a microscopic seal, the composite resin ‘filling’ material is then applied and shaped by our dentist and customized to your tooth.
    • The colour of the resin is created to match that of the patient’s existing tooth. The composite resin-filling material becomes firm and chemically bonded to the tooth structure through the process of light-curing.
    • It is then trimmed, made smooth, and polished to give the tooth a more natural appearance. The result matches the appearance of the rest of your teeth!

    Our white fillings in Brampton are customized to your needs.

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