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Category Archives: Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures & Treatments (What To Know)

Cosmetic dentistry covers a range of services for improving the appearance of your teeth, gums and bite. While most cosmetic dentistry procedures and treatments are elective and, obviously, about how you look (rather than your teeth’s functionality), some also provide restorative benefits. Besides fixing a broken or misaligned tooth to give you a better smile, these procedures can also reduce grinding (a.k.a. bruxism) and make regular cleaning easier. If your teeth are chipped, discoloured, Read more [...]

7 Exciting Cosmetic Trends to Look Out For in 2020

Our smiles convey happiness, friendliness and warmth. They also attract others and are integral parts of our personality that make people feel comfortable around us. Sadly, we're not all born with perfect smiles. That’s where cosmetic dentistry can help. Thanks to new innovations, fixing a smile isn't difficult. In the past, you may have had to wait days before noticing results, but now outcomes are almost immediate. Some of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments include teeth whitening, Read more [...]

Effects and Treatment of a Misaligned Bite

A misaligned bite, also known as crossbite, is a dental condition when the upper and lower teeth don’t meet to form normal dental arches. Besides affecting the cosmetic appearance of the teeth, lips, and mouth, a misaligned bite can lead to serious health issues. However, there are several treatment options available to straighten a misaligned bite. In today’s blog post, we’ll inform you about what having a misaligned bite means, its effects and treatment. What is a Misaligned Bite? In Read more [...]

Everything You Need to Know about Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a process performed by a dentist to restore and improve your smile. A composite resin that resembles the natural colour of your teeth is put on or between the teeth. It’s then shaped and hardened with a laser or UV light so that it bonds to the teeth. Below we’ve put together useful information about dental bonding to keep you informed about the technique. When is dental bonding required? Bonding is used as a dental solution for several problems like – Read more [...]