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Canker and Cold Sore

aCold sores and canker sores are used synonymously but they are different from each other. Though painful, both are different etiological factors. Canker sores occur on the delicate tissue lining inside the mouth and are light colored at the base with a red exterior outline. A cold sore is also called a fever blister and can occur on the hard attached tissues of the mouth, extending to areas outside of the mouth, including the lips or nose. These lesions are often fluid filled and contagious because they are caused by the herpes simplex virus and often reoccur in the same location multiple times throughout the year. It though the presentation of the cold sore maybe idiopathic. A visit to the dentist can help treat these conditions with the help of special rinses, topical creams, medicament and even laser treatment. Apart from these, a good healthy diet and oral hygiene practices is always indicated. If blisters or ulcers are found to be non-healing after a 2 week period, immediate dental assessment is advised.