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Dental Bonding

img_bondingBonding is an important treatment for teeth that enhances their natural appearance. Many people have long serving silver and mercury fillings, that over time can look unsightly and breakdown. These fillings may also lead to weakened and fragile remaining tooth structure, as they are not held in place by chemically bonding to your teeth. Rather, metal fillings are held into place by the preparation design performed on your tooth that is to receive the filling. Dental bonding helps in resolving these problems, as they are fillings made of composite resins, that not only have immense aesthetic appeal but also add strength to an affected tooth, by chemically holding your tooth together.

The most current techniques of bonding technology are used at Dentistry on Dusk. Our restorations are aimed at enhancing the way your teeth appear, feel and endure. The procedure used in dental bonding is ideal for teeth that are chipped, cracked, discolored, misshaped or misarranged, and works as a good alternative to dental veneers in anterior teeth. Freehand “bonded” composite veneers, can give your teeth an enhanced appearance in as little as a single appointment!

What is the procedure for bonding?

Dental bonding procedures are performed at Dentistry On Dusk, with the latest technologies to provide for minimal discomfort. It is a simple procedure that involves preparation of the tooth for it to receive the dental filling. This is done by first chemically preparing the tooth to receive the filling, by etching its surface, followed by the application of a primer and dental bonding agent. After the dental agents have integrated well into your tooth structure, providing a microscopic seal, the composite resin material is then applied and shaped by our dentist, and customized to your tooth. The color of the resin materials used, is made to match that of the existing shade of the tooth. After the resin is firm and has set well through the process of curing, it is trimmed, smoothened and polished to give it a natural look to match the rest of your teeth!

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