9 Common Cosmetic Dental Problems and Their Proven Solutions

Are you unhappy with your smile? Modern dentistry services can improve the overall appearance of your mouth to restore confidence in your smile.

Cosmetic surgery encompasses many treatments. From minor fixes to major surgery, it creates symmetry, balance, and alignment. That’s why it focuses on improving your dental aesthetics in terms of colour, position, shape, size, and overall alignment of your teeth.

With increasing awareness about oral health, cosmetic dentistry is becoming widely popular. According to Global News Wire, the cosmetic dentistry market is projected to earn US$32.73 billion in 2026. Essential cosmetic dentistry procedures include teeth whitening, tooth crowns and bridges, veneers, fillings, and implants.

But every treatment is for a specific situation. So, when considering cosmetic dentistry, find expert service providers who can fully accomplish what you are looking for.

And, indeed, there can be many reasons to visit a cosmetic dentist. Let’s explore what they are.

Reasons to See Your Cosmetic Dentist

According to American Dental Association research, one-third of young adults 18-34 are reluctant to smile due to decaying teeth and gum problems. And almost one-fifth of them have cut back on socializing because of their dental issues.

Some of the most common cosmetic dental problems include:

1. Crooked Teeth

Most people who have crooked teeth are unsatisfied with their smiles and feel less confident because of it. That is why they want to have a beautiful and straight smile.

Crooked teeth can also cause many other problems. Extremely crooked ones, for instance, can hinder talking and chewing. They are also hard to keep clean, leading to decay, cavities, fillings, root canals, and gum disease.

2. Chipped Teeth

Chipped teeth can cause tooth decay and, without proper treatment, tooth sensitivity. This makes your teeth lose enamel. As a result, the absence of protective enamel makes teeth sensitive to heat, cold, sweetness, pressure, or acidic food and drinks.

3. Cracked Teeth

A cracked tooth can be painful. Chewing on hard food and the pressure from teeth grinding can cause the tooth to crack. A bad filling can also weaken the integrity of teeth with age or unwanted injury or accident – a situation that deteriorates with time. And it is susceptible to further decay and losing the tooth entirely which is why you should fix it right away.

4. Discoloured or Stained Teeth

These common problems are caused by stain-causing food and drink, including tea, coffee, red wine, soy sauce, tomato-based sauces, or curry. In addition, some medications, ageing, and smoking can make teeth look yellow, dull, and unhealthy.

5. Uneven Teeth

Genetics or teeth grinding can lead to uneven or irregularly shaped teeth. Combined with an asymmetrical jawline, they can make your face look disproportionate.

6. Missing Teeth

Missing teeth caused by tooth decay, gum disease, or injury can ruin a perfect smile and lead you to avoid smiling altogether. In addition, missing teeth can cause shifting teeth, bone loss, or neuromuscular problems.

7. Gapped Teeth

Whether big or small, gaps can be natural or caused by not wearing your retainer. However, food can get stuck in them, leading to bacteria infecting gums and teeth.

8. Misshapen Teeth

Misshapen teeth can happen genetically, due to environmental factors or different conditions like cerebral palsy, congenital syphilis, and ectodermal dysplasia. Common examples of misshapen teeth are wisdom teeth, second premolars, and upper lateral incisors.

9. Gummy Smile

A gummy smile can be seen when a person’s gums appear to droop over their teeth. This condition can make your teeth look unusually small and short, with an obscured smile.

The Solutions

Cosmetic Dental Problems and Solutions

1. If you suffer from crooked teeth, there are two solutions.

First, you can straighten your smile with veneers. People usually prefer this treatment as they can make additional changes to the colour and shape of their teeth.

The second option is using aligners. This is a proven, comfortable, and affordable way to straighten your smile.

2. To fix chipped teeth, you need to replace the missing enamel with dental bonding and teeth crowns.

The cosmetic bonding depends on the size and placement of the chipped tooth. The bonding material will be applied to fill and replicate the area of the missing tooth.

A dental crown is used to treat severe chipped conditions like on the inner or biting surface of the tooth. It helps to preserve the structure of a healthy tooth from additional damage.

3. Cosmetic bonding is used to treat minor cracked teeth by filling in the impacted area to restore your tooth’s look and function. For a more severe condition, a dental crown can help. The durable and tooth-coloured cap sits over your tooth and secures the problem area.

A root canal may be needed for an even more damaged condition to preserve the tooth structure. If it is beyond repair, you can go for dental implants.

4. Teeth whitening is the best option to remove stains. If you are looking for professional teeth whitening dentistry near Brampton, you can contact us.

5. Tooth veneers can fix uneven teeth and bites. Re-contouring can also repair uneven teeth. But this treatment is advised only for minor differences.

6. With dental implants or tooth bridges, the missing teeth issue can be resolved.

7. Dental bonding or veneers can fill gapped teeth. Dentists can even use clear teeth aligners to shift teeth closer together until they have reached the required position. Then you can have a retainer keep them in their proper place.

8. Dental bonding, veneers, and tooth crowns can rectify misshapen teeth.

9. Finally, to fix your gummy smile, you should go for soft tissue laser treatment to reduce unwanted gum tissue. This is a quick and painless procedure.

Everyone loves a beautiful smile. So don’t deprive yourself. To avail yourself of any of the above cosmetic dentistry services, book an appointment with your dentist now.

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