Dental Treatment Guide for Over-Retained Teeth in Kids – Part II

In our previous blog post, we discussed the various causes of over-retained primary teeth in children. Here, we’ll discuss the different treatment procedures for this dental condition. With several technological advances in dentistry, there are many short-term and long-term dental solutions available for over-retained primary teeth. Retain Primary TeethIf the coronal structure and the root of the teeth are in good condition, it means their functionality and aesthetic appearance Read more [...]

Dental Treatment Guide for Over-Retained Teeth in Kids – Part I

Humans possess two sets of teeth in their lifetime. The first set of teeth is known as primary teeth, baby teeth or milk teeth and the second set is known as permanent teeth. Primary teeth develop even before we’re born and they erupt during infancy and continue to remain intact until we reach the age of six. After this, the primary teeth gradually begin to exfoliate and make way for the permanent teeth. However, in some cases, the permanent teeth cease to come out at its expected time as the Read more [...]

Orthodontic Treatments for Children with Crooked Teeth

If your child has a misaligned jaw or teeth, he/she may not realize this as a common problem for young people. However, crooked teeth can be embarrassing and take a toll on their self-confidence and social life. Therefore, as a parent, you should immediately take steps to treat your child’s crooked teeth. Make an appointment with an orthodontist who can provide the best dental solutions for your child. An orthodontist is a dental specialist who treats facial and dental irregularities and perfects Read more [...]

6 Tips to Avoid Tartar Buildup on Your Teeth

One of the most common oral problems is the accumulation of tartar above or below the gum line. It gradually leads to various dental and gum diseases. Also known as Calculus, it can be removed only by a dentist with special tools. How is Tartar Formed? Despite maintaining proper oral hygiene, there are bacteria that remain in your mouth. They mix with various by-products of food and protein to produce a sticky film on the teeth which is known as plaque. It coats the teeth and the gum Read more [...]

What Is Bruxism and How It Affects Your Dental Health?

Bruxism is the medical term used for the common habit of grinding or clenching teeth. Most people are unaware that they grind or clench their teeth when sleeping or awake. Although occasional teeth grinding doesn’t do much harm, it can affect your oral health in several ways when done on a regular basis. Teeth grinding when awake is mainly related to stress and anxiety. Some people, however, clench their teeth only during sleep and this condition is known as sleep bruxism or nocturnal bruxism. Read more [...]

3 Essential Tips for Dental Flossing if You Wear Braces

Flossing with braces is often a tricky task. A lot of children, teens and even some adults aren’t aware that they can still floss their teeth if they have braces. In fact, it’s important to floss because braces can trap food particles, increasing the risk of gum diseases and cavities.There are several products and techniques for flossing your teeth. The main thing is to take your time, follow the right method and stick to a consistent dental routine. Here are some essential tips to make it Read more [...]

What are White Fillings and How do They Help Improve Your Smile?

Decayed or damaged teeth can be repaired with tooth fillings made from different materials such as gold, silver amalgam, porcelain, glass ionomer or composite resin. Tooth fillings help restore cavity damage, repair cracks and teeth fractures to re-establish the full functionality of the tooth.If you’ve visited your dentist recently and have been prescribed white fillings for your cavities or other dental problems, this guide will help you be an informed patient.What are White Fillings?White Read more [...]

5 Frequently Asked Questions by First-Time Denture Wearers

If you’ve visited your dentist recently and have been prescribed dentures, then you might have concerns about what to expect. There are several questions first-time denture wearers have, but might feel embarrassed to ask.This post is dedicated to answering some of the most common denture-related questions asked by first-time wearers.What are the different types of dentures?There are two types of dentures – complete dentures and partial dentures. Complete dentures are meant for Read more [...]

5 Tips to Overcome Anxiety about Dental Treatment

A lot of people suffer from dental anxiety, a condition where the patient experiences stress before/during an appointment with a dentist. Dental anxiety is common. Symptoms include having trouble falling asleep the night before; growing nervousness in the waiting room; sudden physical illness and panicking in the dentist’s chair.There are several reasons why you could have dental anxiety. Some common reasons are:A negative dental experience in the past. Fear of losing tooth/teeth. Read more [...]

Dental Implants: Frequently Asked Questions

A dental implant is one of the ways of replacing a missing or dysfunctional tooth. It’s a dental treatment that helps millions of people to restore their oral health and lead a confident life.  However, there are a lot of frequently asked questions about this treatment and below we’ve answered them to help you understand dental implants better.Q. What is a dental implant?A. A dental implant is a titanium fixture that’s put into your jaw bone by a dentist. The implant acts as an artificial Read more [...]