When orthodontic treatment for your misaligned or crooked teeth is completed, wearing retainers is highly recommended after the braces are removed. This is because teeth have a tendency to go […]
In our previous blog post, we’ve discussed dental fluorosis and its causes. In this post, we’ll continue to discuss more about this dental condition, including its symptoms and classifications, treatment […]
Dental fluorosis affects the cosmetic appearance of your teeth permanently. Although it doesn’t hamper normal teeth functioning, it modifies your beautiful smile. In today’s post, we’ll discuss dental fluorosis in […]
When a tooth gets infected and the infection spreads to or around the root so that it forms a pocket of pus, it’s called an abscessed tooth. If you have […]
Dental cysts are initially free of any infection but if left to grow without treatment, they may gradually damage your healthy teeth and smile forever. As long as you get […]
Dental cavities or tooth decay is a common dental problem. Understanding what a tooth cavity is, how it happens, and how it can be resolved can help us keep our […]
Wisdom teeth are typically the last teeth to develop in your mouth. Some people may get one molar, all four, or none at all. There are few oral health issues […]
Dental crowns play an important role in several dental procedures. It’s one of the most well known modern dental restoration procedures. A dental crown replicates the top portion of your […]
We are what we eat. This is particularly true for our teeth. When we drink or munch on sugary or starchy foods, we’re feeding ourselves and the bacteria which can […]
In our previous post, we discussed what tooth enamel erosion is and its various causes. For this post, we’ll cover its symptoms, treatment and some useful tips to prevent it. […]

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