Oral Leukoplakia is a condition that occurs when there’s a chronic irritation of the oral mucous membranes. It’s a benign or non-cancerous condition but some forms of oral Leukoplakia may […]
To keep your teeth in their newly acquired straight positions after removing braces, an orthodontist will recommend clear retainers for adults. However, it’s very important to take proper care of […]
When the gum tissues surrounding the crown area of a tooth become inflamed and infected, this is known as Pericoronitis. It usually affects the wisdom teeth or the third molars […]
Over the last twenty years, there have been several technological advancements in orthodontic appliances. In the current age, braces aren’t just used to straighten teeth but to prevent a host […]
A misaligned bite, also known as crossbite, is a dental condition when the upper and lower teeth don’t meet to form normal dental arches. Besides affecting the cosmetic appearance of […]
If you’ve noticed some white, brown or yellow stains on your teeth and opaqueness on the tooth enamel, you could have a case of hypocalcification. These chalky spots and/or stains […]
When orthodontic treatment for your misaligned or crooked teeth is completed, wearing retainers is highly recommended after the braces are removed. This is because teeth have a tendency to go […]
In our previous blog post, we’ve discussed dental fluorosis and its causes. In this post, we’ll continue to discuss more about this dental condition, including its symptoms and classifications, treatment […]
Dental fluorosis affects the cosmetic appearance of your teeth permanently. Although it doesn’t hamper normal teeth functioning, it modifies your beautiful smile. In today’s post, we’ll discuss dental fluorosis in […]
When a tooth gets infected and the infection spreads to or around the root so that it forms a pocket of pus, it’s called an abscessed tooth. If you have […]

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