Pediatric Dentistry in Brampton

aPediatric Dentistry refers to dental treatment performed on children. Dental problems, infections and dental disorders are not uncommon in children, with past dietary and oral hygiene habits being the potential causes of dental concerns and discomfort. Treating dental problems in children requires expertise and the right approach, imparting a pleasant and relatively painless experience. Dr. Chohan and our dental team here at Dentistry on Dusk, treat children with both care and patience, encouraging and educating our little patients to help them prevent future problems. Empowerment, through education is a powerful tool at your disposal as a patient and parent at Dentistry on Dusk! Come join our growing dental family here in Brampton! We are only a doorstep away!

Regular dental check-ups are crucial for your child to maintain good oral health. Prevention, empowerment and education in dental care should ideally start before your child’s first teeth erupt, and no later than the time your child is one year of age. Early detection and treatment of dental problems, lead to less involved and more predicable treatment modalities. Prevention is key in maintaining good oral health. The Canadian Dental Association recommends that dental check-ups for infants and children occur every six months. This provides the opportunity to help prevent and treat potential dental problems before they occur, helping reduce the risk of future dental emergencies. Our dental clinic here in Brampton, offers complete dental care services for children of all ages. Dental services at Dentistry on Dusk is conducted by our team using the most current techniques in both a friendly and affordable manner. Book your appointment today, to experience the difference here at Dentistry on Dusk.

How does it work for children at Dentistry on Dusk?

Children are treated with special care and attention at Dentistry on Dusk. It is our priority for children to understand why regular visits are important to their well-being. Our dental team members give our young patients a tour of our modern facility, engaging with them in the most entertaining and fun filled manner! Putting their minds at ease, whilst building long term relationships of trust. The treatment or examination of their teeth is only started once your special little ones are comfortable and at ease. Our friendly dental staff make genuine efforts to create a congenial atmosphere that makes your child excited about their oral care! From either watching their favorite cartoon or T.V. shows on the in-ceiling televisions, to playing on the ipads in the kids play center, we do our very best to make them feel at home. Let us be your home away from home, at our dental clinic in Brampton. Where we treat one little tooth at a time!

If you have a child needing our attention and care, please feel free to visit us TODAY for a free consultation! Call us at 905-453-7777 to book your appointment!

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